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an important anouncement!

2013-01-11 22:57:40 by fliberdigibit

Heya guys and gals!

Some of you might be wondering where the hell I went. I assure you I haven't died or crawled under a rock, I just change profiles :P

For the past few months I've been posting work under the alias graffanim8r. I feel it's an easier name to remember and it's much closer to my roots as a graff artist and animator (those of you that made the connection, give yourselves a pat on the back and consider yourselves clever).

I've had many a great memories with this profile, but lo I'm very tired of spelling it for people that are unfamiliar with my work on this awesome site, and lets face it, what the hell is a fliberdigibit anyway?

thanks to everyone that has faved me in the past and for those of you that care to continue following my work please add my new profile to your friends and fave list.



Well wishes for Adam Phillips

2011-09-08 18:01:20 by fliberdigibit

As some of you may know, Adam Phillips, Disney vet and beloved creator of the Brackenwood series has been having some heart complications. For more info on his condition you can read up on it on his blog. Basically he's been scheduled for open heart surgery in the very near future and I thought we, the newgrounds community should let him know that he's in our thoughts and that we all hope he has a speedy recovery. Adam is one of the most humble people on this planet and he is known for going out of his way to stay connected with his fans. You might have seen/chatted with him at comic con or even dropped him a line via email, and all though it may take a while he tries to respond to every one.

If you get the chance, hop on his website's contact page and let him know that we're all thinking about him here at newgrounds and that we hope he gets better real soon.

Thanks for your time guys (and gals)


Well wishes for Adam Phillips

Hello all you Newgrounders out in cyberland. Summer may have just started for most of you, but I'm looking forward into the future. About 3 months forward to be exact. As, we all know Tom host a fall/halloween themed contest here on Newgrounds every year. For this year I'm trying to put together a team of dedicated and capable individuals to create a semi-simplistic game.

The only details I can release at this time is that the game is a sequal to my Flash movie I posted two years ago called Zombie Q. Go check it out if you haven't seen it! The game will take players from the house John was in at the end of the movie to a radio tower in the mountains. I plan to design the gameplay similar to that of Golden Axe or Castle Crashers (side-scrolling hack-n-slash with limited up and downward walking).

As I mentioned in the title of this post, I'm looking for experienced programmers and I'm willing to pay cash out of pocket, plus royalties that come in from Ad's. This is a unique experience that can potentially open a lot of doors for budding programmers with exceptional talent and put a little spening money in your pocket.

Please PM me if you are interested with at least one example of work and I will respond as quickly as possible with more information on the project.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Well hello there, my community of flash artist and musicians! Happy New Year!

It's been several months since I've posted any words on the internet, but for good reason... Last anyone heard from me on here, I was desperately searching for a programmer to help me finish the Zombie Q game. Unfortunately (even with the help of Tom), I wasn't able to snag one in time for the Halloween Contest So that project fell through.

I've noticed how very difficult it is to land a decent programmer, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I began buying all the flash game development and actionscript 3.0 books I could afford (which incidentally is not very much). It was all a little over my head at first but after numerous frustrating, late nights starring at a computer screen and try over and over, I began to make progress.

Along the way, I decided I wanted to have another go at the Christmas Contest . I collaborated with a fellow newgrounder hailing all the way from Germany for some music. I you guys haven't check out Intero, you should!! He's an amazing composer. But as the holidays came and went, so did my ambition for the project... Sorry Deniz.

Aside from unfinished personal projects, I finally landed a decent job. It's basically data management and computer bitch work... for now... but, it pays very well, and I get to do it all from the comfort of my bedroom/office. Fun stuff!!

Rest assured I will have a delicious treat of .fla goodness for you all, very soon. Well, that's enough blathering for this month. If you happened to read this far into my post, good for you. I'm proud! Now go make me a sandwich!


Halloween flash contest

2009-10-11 14:12:55 by fliberdigibit

Do you have a project for the halloween flash off? Are you a programmer?

If you answered both of those questions with a yes, then I might have a wonderful opportunity for ya!

If any of you out there happen to follow my submissions, I'm sure you've seen a lil cartoon called Zombie Q. Well, I have a tendency to leave my stories with a cliffhanger at the end and this one was no exception. I've got a follow up story written out, but instead of another cartoon, I thought it would be fun to have the viewers experience the second part of the story.

I had previously lined up a small team of three (musician, artist, and programmer) to help me with this project, but unfortunately my programmer got caught up in his highschool extra curricular activities and looking for colleges. So I have a free spot open.

Most of the music and artwork are finished as well as how the game should play. What I need is someone with the programming know-how and dedication to get this thing finished in time. There's no time waste so PM me if you're interested.

I've talked with thanks NG Tom and he's doing what he can to help get this project done in time, but he's a very busy man, so I can't completely rely on him. It's up to you guys to get this game out, otherwise I feel this sequel just might not get to see the light of day.

That would be a damn shame. A DAMN SHAME!


Halloween flash contest

Denver Beerfest

2009-09-25 13:14:21 by fliberdigibit

I arrived here in Denver yesterday. I flew all the way from Asheville, NC fellas ( and laddies... I think), so there is NO excuse no one in the surrounding areas shouldn't make it. I mean, think about it. Fellow NG'rs running rampant and, not to mention drunk around a huge convention center. How does that not sound enticing?

Well, I look forward to meeting those of you that do make it out! It should be fun testing various Beer from all over with other artist talking newgrounds, video games, and whatever nonsense we'll come up with at the time.

Luis! If you don't magically show up, I'll be very disappointed in you. All this hype about loving beer, and now you have a chance to OFFICIALLY join your two passions, Newgrounds and beer consumption, into one big ball of mischief and mayhem. But if ya can't make it to Denver in the next 6 or so hours I understand...

I guess I'll see ya guys around 6!


Zombie Q the Game

2009-08-27 08:47:43 by fliberdigibit

Thats Right!

Fellow NG'r, Matt Tarpley AKA scallywag and myself are elbow deep in zombie blood right now trying to ge this game underway. As Matt mention in one of his early post, it's a hack n' slash game much like Dad n' Me. I've been having a blast working on the art and Matt has been sending back nothing short of extraordinary programming.

We plan to release the game here on NG as part of the Halloween flash off! It's goin to be lots of fun to play but, it will also give you an inside look to some of John's past and why he's so damn good with those BBQ blades of his! Oh, and i'd expect some whacky explanation for the zombie outbreak.

October's a pretty long way away, so heres a nice lil screen shot to tide ya over til then:)

Zombie Q the Game

Learn yourself

2009-08-13 04:35:27 by fliberdigibit

It's probably no secret that I'm a habitual "pot smoker" or as we have come to know ourselves by a more derogatory term: Pot Head. I see absolutely nothing wrong with my personal decision to live this lifestyle and quite frankly, I find it offensive to be associated with the everyday criminal. It simply is an ignorant claim.

Marijuana is a cash crop. It should be taxed and treated as a medicinal substance. If legalized, you would almost indefinitely see a rise in our economy. It will create many new job opportunities and help provide a state of mental relaxation (trust me, I know from experience).

No it won't solve all our problems, but it's a step in the right direction! I'm not saying it's for everyone, but don't criminalize those that do chose to do it.

Don't let ignorance be an excuse. Get educated and know the facts. Help us keep marijuana smokers out of jail and turn the focus on the real threats like cocaine or heroine.

Steve Cohen knew the facts, stared the FBI in the face and told them how it is!

If you feel strongly about this subject you should check out NORML and see what you can do to help the cause.

Learn yourself

Zombie Dicin' Action!

2009-07-28 08:53:31 by fliberdigibit

For your viewing pleasure, I give you a third animated feature (a real one with a plot... sorta) from myself. It's got zombies, blood, action, suspence... you know all that good stuff!


Show some love. Leave a review! Hope you enjoy it.


Zombie Dicin' Action!


2009-04-20 20:41:59 by fliberdigibit

Salutations my fellow participants of the canibus culture! Happy April 20th!

Today is a day Stoners all over can come together as a community and celibrate their lifestyle. Even G4 has acknowledged this monumentous movement. We're a harmless culture that spreads a message of peace and love everywhere we go! Whether for medicinal, industrial, or recreational purposes, marijuana has provided mankind with countless uses for thousands of years.

In this spirit of this THC based holiday, Me and a few friends have thrown together a productions of sorts for your veiwing pleasure.

Since youtube has a 10 min limit, we had to split the movie into two parts:

The Legend of Kong Bong part1

The legend of Kong Bong part2