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Well wishes for Adam Phillips

2011-09-08 18:01:20 by fliberdigibit

As some of you may know, Adam Phillips, Disney vet and beloved creator of the Brackenwood series has been having some heart complications. For more info on his condition you can read up on it on his blog. Basically he's been scheduled for open heart surgery in the very near future and I thought we, the newgrounds community should let him know that he's in our thoughts and that we all hope he has a speedy recovery. Adam is one of the most humble people on this planet and he is known for going out of his way to stay connected with his fans. You might have seen/chatted with him at comic con or even dropped him a line via email, and all though it may take a while he tries to respond to every one.

If you get the chance, hop on his website's contact page and let him know that we're all thinking about him here at newgrounds and that we hope he gets better real soon.

Thanks for your time guys (and gals)


Well wishes for Adam Phillips


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2011-09-08 18:07:05

I just sent him an e-mail


2011-09-08 18:17:37

Damn, that sure sucks. I hope he gets over this because I would love to see him finish the Brackenwood movie.


2011-09-08 20:36:01

Thank you for drawing attention to this; I was not aware and am glad to have been able to leave a message for Adam before the operation.


2011-09-09 00:25:40

Disney Vet wut?
he worked for disney? when?
i was never informed of this, or did i misinterpret?

fliberdigibit responds:

yeah for over 10 years if I'm not mistaken. He worked as an fx animator.


2011-09-09 21:31:09

That was a kind post, I'm really glad I scouted you...
Any new projects in the works?

fliberdigibit responds:

a few actually, I'm working on a much overdue animation for this site, but I'm also in school at the moment, so that takes priority. Keep an eye out in the next few months :)