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Entry #25

an important anouncement!

2013-01-11 22:57:40 by fliberdigibit

Heya guys and gals!

Some of you might be wondering where the hell I went. I assure you I haven't died or crawled under a rock, I just change profiles :P

For the past few months I've been posting work under the alias graffanim8r. I feel it's an easier name to remember and it's much closer to my roots as a graff artist and animator (those of you that made the connection, give yourselves a pat on the back and consider yourselves clever).

I've had many a great memories with this profile, but lo I'm very tired of spelling it for people that are unfamiliar with my work on this awesome site, and lets face it, what the hell is a fliberdigibit anyway?

thanks to everyone that has faved me in the past and for those of you that care to continue following my work please add my new profile to your friends and fave list.




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